Forrest 4" Blade Stiffener
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Greatly reduce your saw’s cutting noise by adding one of these 4†, 5/8†bore Forrest blade stiffeners. They dampen the saw scream-whistle we’ve all heard by diminishing the motor and belt vibrations as they’re transmitted up to the rim on the blade’s teeth. Not only that, but these stiffeners hold the blade rigid and true for better cuts on your machine. The stiffeners are hardened and precision ground flat within .001†. For best results, select a stiffener 1/2 to 2/3 the saw blade’s diameter and mount it against the outside of the sawblade. For example, a 10†blade uses a 5†stiffener. Be sure that any bumps or scratch burrs on used saw blades are stoned flat for dust free metal-to-metal contact between saw blade and stiffener. These stiffeners are NOT to be used with chop saws.


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