Collier's Cheddar Cheese/Cut & Wrapped by igourmet/Cheese 15.5 oz


The ancient Celtic country of Wales, famous for its beauty and musical heritage, has produced high-quality cheese for hundreds of years. Taste and value were always the main criteria and this has never been more apparent than in Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar. Good value, nutrition, and an extraordinary taste define this cheddar. Collier's is made to one recipe, matured, and packed in Denbighshire. Throughout the 16 month maturation period, the cheese undergoes a thorough and highly demanding grading regime, which results in amazing consistency throughout the year. Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar was developed from the mining traditions of South Wales. As a boy, the founder of the brand watched his grandfather's tough existence as a miner and noticed the camaraderie and strength of the community in which they lived. Cheese had always been a staple part of the diet of miners, their wives appreciated the nutritious nature of cheese and the fact that it was simple to pack, with no waste. It was the ideal food to sustain them as they worked below ground for many hours at a time. Years later, the opportunity arose to create a cheese brand and childhood memories came flooding back. Following intensive research, Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar was launched as a tribute to mining communities throughout Britain and a modern-day reflection of a distinctive taste. Made from pasteurized cow's milk. Photo depicts whole 44 lb. form of cheese. We cut and wrap this item by hand.


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