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Reminiscent of the aromatic Italian Taleggio or French Livarot, but with Meadow Creek Dairy's rich Jersey milk and a longer aging time. A soft, finely textured cheese, very rich and beefy with a pungent aroma and a nutty, sweet overtone. Surface ripened with a thin reddish-orange washed rind gives this cheese its characteristically strong smell, as well as a heavenly taste. All of Meadow Creek Dairy's cheeses are made from raw milk and naturally aged, eliminating the need for preservatives or artificial colorings. The unique yellow color that many customers comment on is due to the high levels of beta carotene in the milk from their Jersey cattle. Meadow Creek Dairy practices sustainable farming methods, managing the land and cattle for health rather than high production. Their primary tool to achieve this goal is intensive grazing management. This involves giving their cattle fresh grass every day; they are not allowed back on the pasture already grazed, allowing the grass to regrow and preventing overgrazing. Their only crop is grass. They are therefore able to provide excellent nutrition for the dairy herd while improving the health and fertility of their land. The Meadow Creek Dairy milking season begins in late March when all calves are born coinciding with the grass growth. The cattle are never confined, but instead are born and raised on pasture. Meadow Creek Dairy is a family farm in the mountains of southwest Virginia. At an elevation of 2800ft, the combination of pure water, clean air and deep soils produce an ideal environment for growing diverse, mineral-rich pastures. Since 1980, farming has been the Feete family's craft. They've worked closely with their Jersey herd to give them the best care, develop the genetics best adapted to their farm, and in the process produce the highest quality milk. Now the Feete family has taken their craft to its next level, providing you with a full flavored, healthy, ecologically friendly cheese. Made from unpasteurized cow's milk. Photo depicts whole 5 lb. form of cheese. We cut and wrap this item by hand.



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