Boerenkaas Cheese Aged 24 Months/Cut & Wrapped by igourmet/Cheese
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Aged gouda for connoisseurs! In modern Holland, there are few remaining farmers who still make cheese by hand on the farm. Boerenkaas is, by definition, a handmade Gouda. Creating Boerenkaas is more art than science, leveraging a tremendous amount of knowledge, tradition and skill in the process. Our Boerenkaas is only made from May to October when the weather permits the cows to stay outside and eat fresh grass. Because it is made from raw milk, this cheese has a full, tangy flavor, with much more character than any factory-made Gouda cheese. Its 24-month aging period gives it even more flavor and leaves behind characteristic amino acid crystals. Enjoy with a full-bodied red wine and a hunk of fresh bread. Made from unpasteurized cow's milk. Photo depicts whole 20 lb. form of cheese. We cut and wrap this item by hand.



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