Don Aslett Johnny Mop & Safety Foam Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Two 32 Oz Bottles) Set | Acidic Detergent and Deodorizer | 14" Handle to Easily Clean Toilet or Shower | Scratch Free Bowl Swab


PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH: Safety Foam is tough on hard water issues – even under the rim. When combined with the Johnny Mop it removes hard water lines and mineral build-up with the help of foaming bubbles that cling to the sides..SANITARY DESIGN: The sanitary cone is permanently attached to the toilet wand so you can squeeze out excess water without ever touching the toilet water, and the toilet scrubber won't splatter on you while you clean..A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY. Safety foam cleans and deodorizes with only 1-2 oz of liquid applied to the Johnny Mop bowl swab. Save money by using less than other toilet bowl cleaners..COMPACT SIZE: The Johnny brush is 14" long and will reach all areas of your toilet with ease while being gentle on your toilet and tough on stains..DIRECTIONS: Plunge the water down to expose the toilet bowl ring. Apply Safety Foam to the Johnny Mop and begin to activate foam by rubbing it around the inside rim of the toilet bowl. Work your way around the toilet as the foam clings to the sides. Once applied everywhere in the toilet bowl, let it sit for 2-3 minutes and flush. DO NOT pour the solution into the bowl as you will not get the foam to activate. It must be applied to a bowl swab/Johnny mop.



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