Hyper Tough Men's Goatskin Gloves Medium
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Hyper Tough Men’s Medium Goatskin Leather Glove is mainly used for all kind of work. The Goatskin Leather Gloves are designed with the user in mind. Genuine Goatskin Palm provides Comfort and Durability. The Heavy-Duty Goatskin Leather with reinforced knuckle and fingertip provides protection and safety. The Leather overlay also helps protects your knuckles while you work. Genuine Leather to prevent unsightly hand afflictions such as callouses and blisters while you work. The specially designed leather palm eliminates material bunching and improves your Grip when working with hand tools in the garden. The Breathable Cotton Fabric used at the back of gloves provides comfort and keeps the hands cool while you work and helps prevent against back of hand injuries. The Shirred Elastic used at wrist provides Snug Fit and helps keep dirt and debris out of the glove The use of Rubberized Safety Cuff to provide protection and keep hand and wrist safe from injuries while working and doing tougher jobs. These Hyper Tough Men's Medium Goatskin Gloves are very good quality! They are thick, good material and well assembled. The stitching is tight and not easy to tear. The Hyper Tough Men's Medium Goatskin Gloves are really nice. What initially caught my attention was the fact that these gloves are made of goatskin. These are not thin gloves. These have some thickness to them. I’m always looking for a nice pair of gloves to keep in the garage. You never know when you might need to protect your hands. The gloves provide high-quality protection from a great number of uses. The palm of the gloves are 100% goatskin. The back of the glove is goatskin and cotton. On the back of the glove, the leather covers your knuckles and the tips of your fingers. I ordered a size large since I have really long fingers. The gloves have a nice fit, not too loose but not too snug. There’s a strip of elastic on the back of the hand which provides an ideal fit. These gloves are perfect if you are looking for gloves to move furniture or perhaps have to carry large and heavy items. Fit is snug without being restrictive, long cuff to cover lower wrist area. When wearing they are comfortable and hands do not sweat. The leather areas, FULL palm, fingers, are thick enough to stop burrs or thorns from going through. these goat skin gloves help prevent that as they have the leather on the palms, fingers and finger tips. They are thin enough to allow me to do tasks without feeling restricted. The hyper tough genuine goatskin gloves are perfect for working out in the yard pulling weeds or moving branches in the yard, they are very soft and smooth, they are made to last and fit just perfect, they make any job easier so you don’t rough up your hands while working, and also work with the warm weather they keep my hands cool while working in the garden. These gloves are soft, supple and very comfortable. Most work gloves are stiff and you lose your finger dexterity. Not so with these hyper-tough goatskin gloves. They feel really "buttery" when you rub your hands together. I love the wrist guards for doing trimming and removing of brush! I also love the knuckle reinforcement as other work gloves; I have owned have split/warn there. I like the fact that the manufacturer used leather in the major contact areas of the gloves, including a wide leather strip at the knuckle area and leather at the fingertips which offers extra protection for the sensitive areas of his hands. The cuffs are made of sturdy material. There is an elastic strip at the upper wrist area for a secure fit. The only problem I found with these gloves is with the cotton flannel on the inside palm area. For some reason the flannel was not fully sewn (attached) to the entire leather portion. These gloves are great to be used for Cleanup, Yard work, and Equipment Operation & Tougher Jobs purposes.



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