Spiceology & Derek Wolf - Garlic Herb - Argentinian-Inspired BBQ Rub - Barbeque Spices and Seasoning Blends - Use On: Lamb, Chicken, Chimichurri, Shrimp, Eggs and Vegetables - 18 oz


INNOVATIVE FLAVORS: Derek Wolf’s Garlic Herb seasoning starts with...garlic. One of the first things Derek learned about Argentinian Cuisine is their love of garlic..FRESH HERBS, AND SPICE BLENDS: Oregano, parsley, tarragon and more add more herbaceous flavor to this herb blend. Leave it dry or add some oil to make it a fantastic marinade! This herb blend is going to be your new go to seasonings for cooking.SPICES AND SEASONINGS: This is the ideal bbq rub for a spit-roasted leg of lamb, hanging chicken, garlicky chimichurri, pan-seared Patagonian shrimp, egg skillets or coal-roasted veggies..EXPERIMENT IN YOUR KITCHEN: This bbq blend has lots of fluffy herbs and dense spices so settling will occur. For optimal taste and texture, we leave some room for you to "shake it up" in order to redistribute the ingredients evenly. Have no fear though! You're getting what you pay for because we fill/charge by weight, not volume..LOVED BY HOME AND PROFESSIONAL CHEFS: Bulk container for chefs, commercial kitchens, and home chefs.



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