Stone Age Creations Large 4 Owl Family Pack


HAND–CARVED STONE – All-natural stone. Hand-crafted to perfection. With it’s one-of-a-kind design, this stone Boulder Owl Family makes for wonderful indoor or outdoor decor. Our unique, hand-crafted accents make this a perfect gift or heirloom for nature lovers, owl collectors, and carved stone enthusiasts..NATURAL BOULDER BODY – The body and head are carved from all-natural boulder rock. Our stones have endured harsh outdoor environments for thousands of years, and will hold up beautifully for a lifetime in your home..SMOOTH COLORED STONE– This owl statue has smooth features that compliment the natural, boulder foundation. The natural colors of the stone pop, bringing liveliness to the artistic stone figurine!.PERFECT FOR INDOOR/OUTDOOR USE – Our Boulder Owls are designed specifically for indoor or outdoor use. We also offer other animal-inspired outdoor ornaments for lawn and garden decoration..THE STONE AGE DIFFERENCE – Each Stone Age product is hand-carved from real stone as created by Mother Nature. Built to last for years to come, our one-of-kind stone creations will brighten your home and elevate any space.