National Geographic™ Snorkeler Swordfish 8 Combo Hypoallergenic Silicone Mask Skirt with Tempered CE Lens, Semi Dry Snorkel, Day Bag with Strap
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MASKLenses—CE-temperedFrame—lightweight Delrin™ and plasticsMask Skirt—Hypoallergenic silicone feathered-edge sealNosepiece—pliable nonfeathered for ease of drainingMask Strap—Flexible and replaceable with 3PH™ (3-Point Hold)and RQL™ (Ratchet Quick Lock)SNORKELMouthpiece— Hypoallergenic silicone orthodontic designSnorkel Tab—easy to mount and secureBreathing Tube—wide bore for air exchangeSplash Guard—keeps the snorkel dry under normal conditions



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