WHAT DO YOU MEME? Same Same But Different - The Party Game of Double Entendres – Adult Card Games for Game Night

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Build a Bridge Between Boring and Bawdy: Compete to come up with the funniest phrases that make sense in two wildly different situations!.Ages 17+: This game is intended for players 17 and up. Great for those seeking party games for adults and family or funny games for families with teenagers..How To Play: The judge draws a Safe Card and a Risky Card. Then, players write down a response that could reasonably be said in both situations. Funniest answer wins! Just bring your A-game, because it's harder than you think (get it?).What's Inside: 350 Cards, 8 Dry Erase Markers, 8 Dry Erase Cards, Instructions.More Fun: Brought to you by What Do You Meme?. Check out our full collection of fun stuff and party games for adults and families.



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