Sundance Spa Filter OEM 6540-488


Superior Filtration Performance: The Sundance Spa OEM 6540-488 Filter ensures top-notch filtration, trapping impurities, dirt, and debris to keep your spa water crystal clear and inviting. Relax in water that's impeccably clean, promoting a healthy spa environment..Compatibility Across Models: Designed to fit seamlessly into various models like Capri 2001, Caprio/Caprio ST 2000-01, Palermo, Bahia, Cayman & Lagunas 2003-05, this filter is a versatile replacement. It perfectly replaces MicroClean 6540-501, 6540-502, and 6541-397 filters, ensuring hassle-free compatibility..Extended Lifespan for Your Spa: By effectively capturing contaminants, this genuine Sundance filter extends the life of your spa's components. Minimize wear and tear on your spa system, maximizing its longevity and ensuring consistent performance over time..Effortless Replacement Process: Say goodbye to complicated installations. Installing the Sundance Spa OEM 6540-488 Filter is a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly swap out old filters and maintain your spa with ease. Enjoy a hassle-free replacement process..Sundance Quality Assurance: Trust in the reliability and durability of Sundance products. This OEM filter undergoes rigorous testing to meet high-quality standards, ensuring you receive a product that delivers optimal performance and peace of mind.



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