Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer GTi Mount Kit with Tripod
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Full GoTo Flexibility The whole of the sky is now available to you thanks to Star Adventurer GTi's full GoTo capabilities. Locating and tracking objects has never been easier. Fully Integrated Wi-Fi Controls and USB connection Easily control the mount with Wi-Fi through the SynScan Pro app or your computer via the built-in USB port. Built-in Polar Scope and Illuminator Pre-aligned built-in illuminated polar scope provides easy alignment Ultimate Portability Weighing 5.7 pounds and only 9 inches long, it's the perfect travel companion for the astronomer on the go.Since its introduction in 2014, the Star Adventurer has been at the forefront of the lightweight, portable astroimaging revolution. And now, with the Star Adventurer GTi, we take the next step with full Go-To performance in a compact package.The all-new Star Adventurer GTi features a built-in illuminated polar scope for precision alignment, USB port, autoguider, V-style dovetail, and SNAP shutter control for your DSLR (programmable via Sky-Watcher's free SynScan Pro app for iOS and Android). Star Adventurer GTi also includes a dual-position counterweight for use at low latitudes as well as full smartphone control via Wi-Fi.With the added GoTo feature - plus multiple tracking rates including lunar, solar, and sidereal - the heavens are yours to capture and explore. The multifaceted tracking functionality allows imagers to incorporate other techniques into their repertoire, including Milky Way nightscapes alongside traditional deep space and widefield DSLR photography.With its 11-pound payload capacity, Star Adventurer GTi is well-equipped to handle your DLSR camera sporting a wide-angle or telephoto lens plus accessories, a small aperture astrograph with a dedicated astro camera, or even small OTAs such as our Skymax series of Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes perfect for deep space objects, the Moon, and planets. Star Adventurer GTi is the perfect mount for the astrophotographer that wants the ultimate in both performance and portability.



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