Fusion Select Roasted White Sesame Seeds - Natural Toasted Sesame Seeds - Crispy, Crunchy, Nutty Taste for Asian, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Cuisine - Salad, Soup, Noodle & Sushi Topping


Level Up Your Dishes - Take cooked meals to the next level with our toasted sesame seeds. Black or white sesame seeds infuse your dishes with a distinct nutty taste, plus the right amount of crunch..Roasted To Perfection - No need to roast and toast organic sesame seeds on your own. Our organic toasted sesame seeds are freshly roasted and carefully packed to give you full flavor for your cooking..A Versatile Spice - Our sesame seeds for baking and cooking are a must-have for your kitchen. A small sprinkling of these white or black roasted sesame seeds will elevate the taste of your dishes..Pure And Natural - Expect mouth-watering goodness with our deep roasted sesame seeds. We only use natural white or black sesame seed - no artificial additives, flavoring agents, or preservatives..Good For Your Body - Did you know that white and black sesame seeds may also help support daily wellness? Our sesame seeds for cooking are packed with vitamins, fiber, antioxidants, and protein.



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