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The Hidden Gems Cheese Cheese Assortment was curated by renowned cheese experts Janet Fletcher and Laura Werlin. To support and celebrate American cheese makers, Janet and Laura have collaborated on Cheese O'Clock, a series of live, virtual cheese and wine tastings. View a recording of the event at JanetFletcher.com Assortment includes: Shepherd's Way Shepherd's Hope - Shepherd's Hope is a mild, fresh cheese based on a traditional queso fresco recipe. Made from pasteurized sheep's milk, it has a soft yet slightly firm texture with light, milky flavours accompanied by a gentle citrus note at the finish. It has a shelf life of only eight to ten weeks after production. Goat Lady Providence - Goat Lady Providence evolved out of an experimental Taleggio style cheese. It is an aged goat’s milk cheese with a natural rind that can be used as you would a Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino or Manchego. Tulip Tree Trillium - Trillium is a triple cream, bloomy-rind cheese inspired by classic French Camembert and Brie. It has a soft, buttery texture with rich smooth flavors and gentle lactic tones. Flory's Cheddar Truckle - Milton Creamery worked hand-in-hand with the Flory Family of Jamesport, Missouri, to develop this aged clothbound cheddar. Instead of aging in plastic, this cheese ages for 12 months in permeable cheesecloth. The cloth allows the cheese to breathe, resulting in a dry, crumbly texture and complex flavors.



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