Food to Live Long Grain Brown Rice, 8 Pounds – Whole Grain, Raw, Unpolished, Kosher, Vegan Rice. Nutty Fla­vor, Chewy Texture. Good Source of Dietary Fiber. Perfect for Salads, Pilafs.


✔️HIGHLY NUTRITIOUS WHOLE GRAIN: Long-Grain Brown Rice is rich in nutrients, especially fiber, iron, zinc, and B vitamins..✔️DELICIOUS FLAVOR: Unlike plain white rice, this grain has a pleasant mildly-nutty flavor..✔️GREAT FOR COOKING MANY DISHES: You can use long-grain brown rice when cooking curry, stir-fry, pilaf, and many other dishes..✔️EASY SIDE DISH: Because of its flavor, you can serve cooked brown rice with butter as a simple side dish..✔️GOOD SOURCE OF FIBER: One serving of cooked brown rice contains about 1.5 times more fiber than white.



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