2023 W2 6 Part Tax Forms Kit, 25 Employee Kit of Laser Tax Forms Designed for QuickBooks and Accounting Software


Quickly print and mail your W2s with our 6 Part W2 Tax Form bundle that includes everything you need to file your W2 for your employees.The thick regulation 20 lb paper on our 2023 W-2 tax forms will quickly feed through your laser and inkjet printer without worrying of jamming.All printed fields will perfectly line up with the correct boxes when using QuickBooks or other tax software.Confidently fill your 2023 W2 forms with our Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved documents.Bundle includes everything you need for 25 employees including 13 W2 COPY A sheets (2 forms per sheet), 13 W2 COPY B sheets (2 forms per sheet), 25 W2 COPY C/2 sheets (2 forms per sheet), 25 W2 COPY D/1 sheets (2 forms per sheet), and 3 W3 Transmittal forms



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