Aqua Worx EOS LED Aquarium Light - Adjustable Aquarium Gooseneck Light - Aquarium Lights for Fish Tanks - LED Light for Nano Tank - Nano Tank Light - Full Spectrum Aquarium Light - N7 White


Enhance your aquarium's design: The ultimate lighting solution designed specifically for your freshwater planted aquarium. It provides optimal illumination that enhances the beauty of your aquatic plants and fish, creating a visually stunning display..Sleek and versatile design: Our aquarium LED light features a sleek and lightweight design that seamlessly integrates into your aquarium setup. Its white light spectrum is ideal for showcasing the natural colors of your plants and fish, creating a clean and vibrant appearance..Easy control and adjustability: Take full control of your aquarium lighting with the Aqua Worx EOS LED Aquarium Light. It comes with a classic clip-on gooseneck design that is bendable and adjustable, allowing you to easily position the light for optimal coverage and visual effect..Designed for nano tanks: This LED light is specifically designed for low-medium tech nano tank setups. It is an excellent choice for aquariums with limited space, providing efficient and effective lighting for tanks up to 8 gallons.Compact dimensions and power specifications: The Aqua Worx EOS LED Aquarium Light measures at 7.9x 2.8x0.4 inches. It has a power consumption of 18W, providing efficient lighting while minimizing energy consumption.



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