10-ft Replacement Polarized Power Cord, Works With VIZIO and Hisense TVs, DirecTV, Verizon, and Comcast Cable Boxes, VIZIO and Sanyo Soundbars, Blu-Ray and DVD Players
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10-ft Replacement Polarized Power Cord 10-Foot Length Is Great For Complicated Setups: With its 10-foot length, you’ll be able to easily connect your devices to a nearby outlet, without any complicated setups and avoiding any tight spaces. Works With Multiple TV Brands, Soundbars and Cable Boxes: Our cord works with several lines including Vizio and Hisense TVs, DirecTV, Verizon, and Comcast cable boxes, Vizio and Sanyo soundbars and home media players including DVD and Blu-Ray. Polarized IEC C7 power cord cable Replace your lost or damaged power cord for TVs, Cable TV Box, Home Theater, Sound Bars, Powered Speakers, Game Consoles, DVD players, and more The shape of the cable input is of a figure 8 with one rounded side and one flat side Compatible with multiple devices 10 feet long Non polarized power cord also available



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