TICCI USAPA 40 Holes Outdoor Pickleballs USA Pickleball Approved Ball Yellow 15 Pack


【USAPA Approved Pickleball】TICCI Pickleballs are approved by USA Pickleball Association for sanctioned pickleball tournament play..【Official Size & Weight】A diameter of 74mm and 26 grams weight meets USA Pickleball standards in structure, size weight, bounce hardness, design and is ideal for all skill levels..【Precisely Designed】40 precisely drilled holes designed to minimize wind interference for a balanced and straight flight pattern, consistent bounce and unmatched spin..【Long Lasting Durability】Superior seam welding offers exceptional durability and resists dents and cracking..【Maximum Bounce & Exceptional Control】Mid-range hardness ensures shot after shot with maximum bounce. Lightweight construction offers superior control of the pickleball in game..【Portable Mesh Bag & Pickleball Ball Retriever】This set includes outdoor pickleballs with 1 mesh bag & 2 pickleball ball retriever. The mesh bag can be used for pickleball storage when off the court. The pickleball ball retriever makes it easy to pick up a pickleball without fully bending over.



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