Hypothermias Tutti Frutti Ready to Use Quart (32 Fl. Oz) Hawaiian Snow Cone Flavors Syrup - Shaved Ice, 100% Pure Cane Sugar


⛄️ FANTASTIC ARRAY OF AMAZING DIFFERENT FLAVORS – We sell 57 flavors made from Pure Cane Sugar and 55 Sugar Free flavors made from Organic monk fruit and erythritol which occur Naturally from fruit and plants..🌈 You can also make a slushie, snoballs, slushy, italian ice or flavor ice with our shaved ice flavor syrups..β˜€οΈ NO CORN SYRUP β˜€οΈ NO CAFFEINE β˜€οΈ NO HARMFUL ADDITIVES or FILLERS β˜€οΈ NO HARMFUL FLAVORS or COLORS.🌈 FAMILY-OWNED, HANDCRAFTED SHAVED ICE FLAVOR SYRUPS that are Loved by Kids and Approved by Parents! Our family-run business creates artisan snowcone syrup flavors that are delicious and free of all the bad stuff so you can feel good about serving our Hawaiian syrup to your family..🌴 PURE CANE SUGAR | NO CORN SYRUP - Our GOURMET Snow Cone Flavors Syrup is made in small batches with 100% PURE CANE SUGAR. Much of the syrup on the market today is made with corn syrup, a cheap and unhealthy sweetener. Constant use of high-fructose corn syrup can lead to obesity and other such health problems. Unlike our competitors, we use absolutely NO CORN SUGAR in our slushie syrups, offering your family a much more HEALTHY and NATURAL option.



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