TRIPLE CROWN White Ice Shuffleboard Wax (White Ice 12-Pack)


Triple Crown White Ice is considered to be too fast for 9 to 12 foot shuffleboard tables and is considered super fast for 14 to 22 foot shuffleboard tables.White Ice may be used alone or mixed with other waxes as a speed regulator to create your own custom speeds.Triple Crown shuffleboard White Ice powder will definitely give you the game with the most challenge; where your skills of precision by touch will be tested.White Ice is the fastest of the shuffleboard waxes that Triple Crown has to offer; for other slower speeds be sure to check out other great shuffleboard waxes by the manufacturer above. Triple Crown White Ice is sold in an easy use 1 lb shake can & is produced on the same assembly line that has nut products and therefore can contain nut dust..Triple Crown White Ice is manufactured and assembled in Omaha, NE, USA.



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