T-10 Progressive Series Bodyboard 40 Inch (Blue) Crescent Tail, PE Core, HDPE Slick, 8LB Green Cell Deck, Crescent Tail, Men, Women, Bodyboards Surfing Waves Ocean Summer Fun Beach Water


8LB GREEN CELL DECK -> A polyethylene deck skin with added durability and grip, that's built to hold up against strong surf. It's designed for direct lamination with no bubbling and issued by the world's best riders because of its rigidity and comfort..HDPE SLICK -> High-Density Polyethylene slick with channels for enhanced rider grip and board control. Smooth durable bodyboard bottom-skin material that adds protection, speed, and performance..PE CORE -> PE or Polyethylene is a very durable type of board core and it has very good "recoil", meaning it springs back nicely when flexed. A stronger core that's heavier than EPS, but a whole lot more durable, it works even better in colder surf conditions..STRINGER -> A skeleton for the bodyboard that helps provide control, strength, and stiffness. The BZ T-10 has a single RCS stringer sitting right down the center of the board..CRESCENT TAIL -> A tail type that was designed for all wave conditions. The crescent tail has less contact with the face of the wave and increases the bodyboard's fluidity, especially in barreling, close-out, or shore break conditions.



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