BZ BodyBoards - T-10 Progressive Series Bodyboard - HDPE Slick - Crescent Tail - PE Core - 8lb Deck (Blue, 40")


BZ BODYBOARDS - T-10 PROGRESSIVE SERIES BODYBOARD - Since '88, the T-10 Progressive Series Bodyboard has been a performance leader - Available in 40″ & 42″.8LB GREEN CELL DECK: Durable polyethylene deck for better grip in challenging surf; top riders love its rigidity and comfort with direct lamination..HDPE SLICK: Smooth High-Density Polyethylene slick with grip channels; boosts board control, protection, speed, and overall performance..PHUZION CORE: A Premium cutting-edge core with great recoil, ideal for colder surf conditions..RCS SINGLE STRINGER: Central RCS stringer for essential control, strength, and stiffness in the BZ T-10 bodyboard..CRESCENT TAIL: Tail designed for all waves, reducing contact for better fluidity, especially in barreling, close-out, or shore break conditions; prized for its adaptability and responsiveness.