Barska 1x30 AR-X Series HQ Red Dot Sight, Illuminated 1 MOA Red Dot Reticle
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Meet the new 1x30 HQ Red Dot from Barska, a versatile sight designed for split-second targeting and well equipped for any situation. An innovative auto-brightness setting allows the 1x30 HQ sight to automatically adjust the red dot brightness to better match the current lighting environment. Also included is a precision quick-release mount that will maintain a zero setting shot after shot The Barska HQ Red Dot Series The HQ Red Dot Series from Barska aims to redefine value and quality to deliver an innovative rifle sight that truly gives you more bang for your buck. The HQ Red Dot is packed with features regularly found in sights more than three times its price, yet quality and performance have not been sacrificed. Auto-Adjusting Red Dot Brightness An exciting feature of the HQ Red Dot is the Auto-Adjusting Red Dot, which utilizes a small light sensor on the top of the sight to quickly adjust the brightness of the red dot to better match the current lighting environment. For example, if a user were to move from a bright environment outside to inside of a darkly lit building, the brightness of the red dot would automatically decrease to a more comfortable brightness and better visibility. This feature can be switched to a manual mode whereby the user would adjust the brightness manually with the push buttons located on the side of the sight. Integrated Quick-Release Mount A solid locking quick-release mount has been designed into the HQ Series Red Dot. This mount allows the user to quickly install or remove the sight from their rifle with the help of a locking lever. This locking lever ensures that the red dot sight cannot be accidentally detached from the rifle due to impact or snagging on a foreign object. This precision mount helps the sight maintain its zero setting even when the sight has been removed and reattached.



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