Happlife Finger Pinch Door Guard - Door Protector for Kids - Baby Finger Pinch Guard Door Stopper - Shield for 90 & Probably 180 Degree Doors (Set) - Guard for Door Finger Child Safety.


★Prevent accidents - finger pinch door guard fits into your door gap to protect children and family members from accidental injuries caused by opening and closing the door. smart / scientific products prevent accidents when fingers are placed on the door gap..★Fit, Cover - Handy roll-up design with a strong tape on the back, it has a strong sticking effect. The coverage area is wide, and the installation of the finger pinch guard will not affect the use of your door..★Easy to install - no need to use tools and complicated methods to install,open the door to the maximum,need to test the opening and closing distance of the door and door frame and paste door finger pinch guard. Clean dust and dirt from door in areas where adhesive strips will be applied make the adhesion stronger..★Appearance design - finger pinch guard using environmental protection PP material design, no peculiar smell, corrosion resistance, oxidation, use more durable..★Protected groups, multiple Scenes-not only for babies and children. It is also suitable for at home. playground, schools, kindergartens, restaurants and a variety of scenes are suitable for door pinch guard.



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