FLYCAM G-Axis 5000 Gimbal Support Handheld Camera Stabilizer for Arm & Vest | Supports Single-Handle Motorized Gimbals | High- Grade Aluminum Made Offers Payload Up to 6kg / 13.2lb (FLCM-GX-5000)


Shoot longer & create amazing cinematic moves with using FLYCAM G-Axis 5000 stabilizer that offer full gimbal functionality with add-on comfort.It allows you to transform the weight of the gimbal including your heavy camera setup onto the entire body through your arm & vest.Made of High-Grade CNC Aluminum, it offers a payload up to 6kg / 13.2lb & Telescopic design makes it way easier to adjust the height as per the shot requirement.It offers a great range of handle height adjustment which lets you achieve an ideal balance & create cinematic jib shots transitioning from low to high-angle & high to low-angle.Includes Storage Bag; 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee; Buy with Confidence



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