LETINE Titanic Cruise Ship Model Liquid Wave Cruise Ship Decoration Cruise Ship That No Longer Sinks-Cruise Ship Iceberg Home Decor Suitable for Home Show Car Decoration, Gifts, Desk or Paperweight


Note: The Weather Is Cold And The Oil Inside Became Solid, Soaking It In Warm Water For A Few Minutes. It Will Turn Into A Normal..Unsinkable Cruise Ship - This Liquid Motion Ornament the Outer Material is Acrylic, The Titanic and the Iceberg are Resin, The Sea Water is Pure Water and Vegetable Oil to Ensure that it will Never Sink.Fun, Easy Experience - Perfect for Desk Spaces, Bedrooms, in the Car, Relieve Stress When You’Re Working, Soothe When You’Re Down, Relax and Enjoy Every Moment..Natural Stress Relief - The Slow Movement, Vibrant Colors, and Smooth Droplets Can Help Children and Adults Refocus, Let Go of Stress or Anxiety, and Even Find a More Rhythmic Tempo at Home or in the Office.Leakproof, Durable Design - Special Supplies It Sealed Liquid Motion From Top to Bottom, Which Means Kids Can Shake Them or Knock Them over Without You Worrying About Spills or Messes.



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