Five Grids Cash Box Cash Drawer Register Insert Tray Replacement 5 Bills 4 Coins for Petty Cash Money Storage Box(Black)


Curved baffle design: Helps the coin to be picked up smoothly. The multi-grid design is well organized when you sort coins..Durable high-elastic clip back clip: It can be disassembled at any time, easy to replace, using imported springs, large elastic force, strong and durable, effectively suppressing money..Classic and durable: Easy to use, widely used in various supermarkets, shops, hotels, hotels, etc..Scientific layout: Design the baffle opening design of the storage box, so that the storage is more neat and orderly, the operation is smoother and the work efficiency is improved..Thickened design: The thickness of the surrounding edge exceeds the thickness of the ordinary storage box, which enhances the stability and makes your work more comfortable.



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