9KM DWLIFE 10.6" Professional Kite Reel with Strap, ABS Plastic&Alloy Kite String Winder with Brake System, Ratchet Lock, Ball Bearing Omnibearing, Line Guide for Large Kite White


【Comfortable and Lightweight】Professional kite reel for medium and large kites with comfortable grip, equipped with back strap, which can effectively help you to reduce the burden of holding the reel..【Sturdy and Durable】ABS plastic body & Aluminum alloy parts, a perfect balance of firmness and lightness. The 9KM DWLIFE kite reel will always accompany you and your family during the happy kite flying time..【Simple Locking Mechanism】The ratchet lock controls the release of the kite line through the L/R knob, added safety and security of kite strings during wind-ups..【Line Guide】The 360° rotating string guide can guide the orientation of the kite line and effectively avoid tangling; the smooth contact points greatly reduce the friction with the line, so that the kite string can be released more smoothly and faster..【Smooth Rotation】There are high quality stainless steel ball bearings in the inner groove of the reel, which is the key to the high speed and smooth swivel, help the kite to fly up high quickly! Of course, you don't have to worry about the rusting.