Snowblower Direct Fit Impeller Kit Compatible with 100% Stainless HD HS624 HS724 Track Model (3-Pack)


Impeller Kit Fits HS624TA HS724TA Track Models.The Product Function : For the purpose to Maximize potential and further improve performance. Eliminate clogging, throw snow farther. Protect the impeller housing from rocks and pebbles that can jam between the impeller and housing causing gouging..How To Install : Simply adjust the belted rubber seal to the housing.*Lay the plate down lined up with the contours of the impeller blade.Clamp into place then drill through the pre established holes and bolt into place.Bolts perfectly clear the underside reinforcement..The product content is shown in the figure.Includes 3x Premium stainless steel reinforcement plate,6x Premium stainless steel hardware,3x Premium 3 ply belted rubber,Premium Components line right up with the shape of the blade resulting in a clean look and easy installation.Premium stainless steel reinforcement plate & hardware & ply belted rubber.Premium stainless steel reinforcement plate & hardware & ply belted rubber



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