Paddleboy All Terrain Center Kayak Canoe Carrier Bags & Storage Seattle Sports
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None of us are proud to admit that we've lost a physical battle with an inanimate object. Never face that embarrassment when it comes to loading your boat by yourself. With the all-terrain center boat carrier dolly cart on your side, you're guaranteed to claim victory with every use. Designed to make your life easier with solo personal boat loading, this load-assist cart effortlessly transports your kayak, canoe, or another small boat to/from your vehicle or the water. The innovative design of this boat accessory features a heavy-duty aluminum frame with a convenient cinch strap. Once secured, all you have to do is roll your kayak where you want it using the included bike wheels that offer a smooth ride no matter what terrain you're working with. Equipped with a spring-loaded design, extra-stable kickstand, and adjustable padded top bars, this carrier cart is easy to use. Seattle Sports



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