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The correct way to soak dried abalone 1. Rinse the surface of the dry abalone with clean purified water before soaking, and then put it into a tub free of oil and water. Add the prepared purified water, and make sure that the amount of water is completely over the dry abalone..2, dry abalone with pure water to soak for 48 hours, in the process of soaking to often change the water, every 3 to 4 hours to change the water is the most appropriate. When the dried abalone is taken out after soaking, there is a similar thing on the top of it, which is called the abalone intestine column, and the abalone intestine is near it. After removing it, you can remove all the abalone intestine..3, after removing the intestines of the dry abalone, rinse it with water, and then put it in a clean pot, and then into pure water, the fire is brought to a boil, the heat is adjusted to medium fire, and then slowly cook for half an hour, then if the abalone has not become soft, you can cook for 15 minutes more. When done, turn off the heat, cover the pot and let it soak in water for 6 to 8 hours..4. Put the cooked abalone into a clean crisper, add the right amount of purified water, and then seal the crisper directly into the cold room of the refrigerator and continue to bubble. In addition, you can put some ice cubes in the crisper, which can make the quality of abalone better after soaking. Abalone can soak in the refrigerator for another 48 hours and then soak it in black blood. You can take it out and cook it according to your own needs and eat it..How to preserve dried abalone 1. Vacuum storage: Vacuum technology is used to completely absorb the air in the bag of the dried abalone, so that it meets the food vacuum standard and is stored in the cold storage..2. Store at room temperature: dry the abalone and seal it with a paper bag or plastic bag after reaching a certain dry hardness. Add moisture-proof paper into the box or basket and put the dry abalone into a proper amount and place it in a ventilated low temperature place for use.



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