Liquid Harvest Concentrated Brush Killer (Comparable to Leading Triclopyr Brands) - 8oz - Formulated to Control over 70 types of Brush, Vines, Harmful Weeds, and Woody Plants – Also Kills Stumps & Prevents Sprouting


Liquid Harvest Trio controls over 70+ types of brush, vines, brambles, and woody plants. For best results, apply when plants are fully bloomed and actively growing..For stump use: Completely cover freshly cut stump with undiluted product using a paintbrush for best results.Mix 4-8oz of Liquid Harvest Trio per gallon of water for regular use on vines & hard to control plants in a hand sprayer and apply.Apply anywhere tough brush grows. Including thorny and harmful weeds that can be dangerous to pull by hand..This is a systemic weed killer; results may be seen between 1 & 6 weeks. Systemic weed killers are weed killers that are applied directly to the foliage of the plant. Once these weed killers are placed on the foliage, the plant absorbs them. The weed killer is then transported throughout the plant and works against the plant's internal structures.



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