VEVOR Hydraulic Directional Control Valve, 6 Spool Hydraulic Spool Valve, 11 GPM Hydraulic Loader Valve, 4500 PSI Directional Control Valve, Hydraulic Valves And Controls For Tractors Loaders Tanks
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Hydraulic spool valve: Equipped with 6 spools and 1/2" BSPP type ring inlet/outlet ports. Maximum pressure of this hydraulic is 4500 PSI, and maximum flow can reach 11 GPM. The opening and disconnection of hydraulic oil are controlled by connecting the valve to the oil line. Double acting cylinders: Hydraulic control valve used to operate double-acting cylinders. All standard spools are spring-returned and can be reset to the neutral position. There are springs at the bottom of the handles that make the joysticks easy to control. Great inner valve: The check valve in the valve body ensures that the hydraulic oil does not return, and the overflow valve in the valve body can adjust the working pressure of the hydraulic system. Compact structure: 6 spool hydraulic valve is made of aluminum and iron, and the solid structure can provide long-term service. The compact design allows it to install in narrow areas and maximizes its control capabilities. Widely used: It is used in hydraulic systems in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, construction, and industry. The distributor is adapted to different types of machines: agricultural machines, tractors, sprayers, construction machines, loaders, excavators, sweepers, industrial machines, and for other applications hydraulically controlled.



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