VEVOR Glass Organic Chemistry Kit 13pcs Distillation Kit 24/40 Joints Distillation Apparatus Borosilicate Glass Lab Glassware Kit w/ 1000ml Round Bottom Flask for Distillations Separation Purification
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13 PCS Lab Glassware Kit: Our professional chemistry distillation set includes 13pcs devices has almost all essential devices you need. It's an excellent kit for distillation, purification, and synthesis. You can DIY any essential oil you like. 3.3 Borosilicate Glass: All glassware is made of upgraded 3.3 borosilicate glass material (GG-17) with good thermal stability. Hand-blown and polished for the perfect fit. The glass's thermal expansion coefficient is extremely low and can withstand severe temperature changes. Standard & Frosted Joints: Joints are all standard size; it is easy to install and replace. All joints are frosted for high air-sealed and no air leakage, ensuring distillation purity. The high distillation rate saves your money. Reliable Flasks & Condensers: 500/1000 ml round bottom flasks have a large heating surface and uniform heating. The Liebig condenser has great cooling performance, and the Vigreux distillation column can separate two parts of a mixture. All the accessories will help you a lot! What You Will Get: 1-neck round bottom flask(1000 ml), 1-neck round bottom flask(500 ml), Liebig condenser (300 mm), fractional distillation column (300 mm), thermometer adapter, vacuum take-off adapter, celsius thermometer(200 ℃), glass stirrer, tube, plastic clips. Start your experiment with these devices!



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