Stemedu VK172 USB GPS Dongle Vk-172 GPS/GLONASS Navigation Module, GPS Receiver Works for Stratux Windows 10 Linux Mac, GPS Stick for Arduino Raspberry PI Google Earth


🚩 This VK-172 usb gps receiver module can support Windows, Andorid, Linux sytem, Raspberry PI and EMGRAND car and Google Earth..🚩 The default output of Vk 172 g-mouse is the product GPS protocol data. You can test the software or serial commands to modify switch PS / GLONASS protocol data..🚩 Plugged this VK 172 USB GPS module into linux machine, detected as ttyACM0. No additional drivers or configuration required.🚩 You need install the driver before use this USB GPS dongle.🚩 Please find the User Manual [pdf ] of VK172 / User Guide [pdf ] on this listing page - Technical Specification



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