Bread Elastic Shoelaces Xtra Stretch (Flat, Shadow Black, 54")


SHADOW BLACK: Introducing Bread's "Shadow Black" colorway of elastic shoelaces! Elevate your shoe style with sleek and sophisticated laces. The deep "Shadow Black" color adds elegance to any occasion. Xtra Stretch Bread Laces are recommended for shoes with long trunks: Blazer Mids, Doc Martens, and shoes alike..TRANSFORMING STEPS INTO STRIDES: As seen on TIkTok, Bread Elastic Shoelaces are not just accessories; they're a step forward in footwear technology. Designed for those who value both time and style, these laces offer a seamless transition into comfort. They're more than just a part of your shoes; they're a part of your journey..SYMPHONY OF COMFORT & CONVENIENCE: Bread laces have resonated with a diverse range of individuals. From the energetic footsteps of children to the steady pace of seniors, Bread Laces are a testament to universal functionality. Their adaptability makes them a perfect match for athletes, professionals, and anyone who cherishes comfort & convenience..INNOVATION AT YOUR FEET: Experience the perfect blend of flexibility and stability with Bread Elastic Shoelaces. Our innovative technology ensures that your laces remain securely fastened at all times, offering a balance between firmness and elasticity. This classic tie system means you tie your laces just once, saving you time and hassle..CRAFTED FOR EVERY JOURNEY: Whether running a marathon or climbing a mountain, our laces are built to last. We promise durability and resilience in every pair, ensuring your satisfaction in all conditions. With Bread Laces, every step is a step in confidence.



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