BAZIC 12" X 16" For Sale Sign for Car and Auto Sales (2-Line)


BAZIC 12” X 16” FOR SALE SIGN (2-LINE) Perfect for those looking to sell their car or other vehicles. This 12” x 16” For Sale Sign is made with bendable plastic and is easy to see..BECOME YOUR OWN CAR SALESMAN. With a designated space for price, model, year, and a description, at 12” x 16” it’s large enough for easy to read lettering, so your car gets sold..REPUTATION + RELIABILITY. BAZIC Products has been offering uncompromised quality in school and office products since 1998. Dedicated to continuous improvement, we are proud to be an ongoing industry-leader..TRUE TO OUR VISION. By focusing on the integrity of our products and satisfaction of our customers, we’ve built a brand you can trust. We use customer insight to guarantee solutions to fit your needs..SOLD & DISTRIBUTED IN THE USA. Working with trusted factories, we ensure our products are up to the highest standard before sending to customers. Each item is shipped out of our headquarters in Los Angeles, never leaving until we’re satisfied with our product integrity.