Boeing 777F Commercial Aircraft "Lufthansa Cargo" White with Blue Tail "Gemini 200" Series 1/200 Diecast Model Airplane by GeminiJets


Brand new 1/200 scale diecast airplane model of Boeing 777F Commercial Aircraft "Lufthansa Cargo" White with Blue Tail "Gemini 200" Series die cast model by GeminiJets.Detailed exterior.True-to-scale detail.Comes with a display stand.This model does not have any openings.Manufacturers original unopened packaging.Made of diecast metal with some plastic parts.Dimensions approximately L-12.25 Wingspan-12 inches.Diecast metal and plastic construction for durability and a heavy realistic feel.HISTORY ASPECTS:The Lufthansa Cargo Boeing 777-200LRF registered as D-ALFA represents the pinnacle of modern air cargo transportation. This long-range freighter aircraft introduced into Lufthansa Cargos fleet in the early 2010s was a game-changer in the world of air freight. D-ALFAs arrival marked a significant milestone in Lufthansa Cargos commitment to delivering goods swiftly and efficiently to destinations across the globe.Throughout its service history D-ALFA has crisscrossed continents bridging markets and connecting businesses. Its vast cargo capacity fuel efficiency and advanced technology have made it an indispensable asset for Lufthansa Cargos global operations. The aircraft has played a pivotal role in ensuring that vital goods ranging from medical supplies to high-tech electronics reach their destinations on time strengthening Lufthansa Cargos reputation as a leader in air cargo logistics.Now you can bring a piece of this air cargo legend into your collection with a meticulously crafted 1:200 scale model. This finely detailed replica captures the essence of Lufthansa Cargos dedication to excellence in air freight. Display it proudly and celebrate the role this iconic freighter has played in keeping global commerce moving efficiently.


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