3 Pack Large Kites-Delta Devil Fish Jellyfish Octopus with Long Tail Kites for Kids & Adults Easy to Fly and Assemble, with 3 × 330 Ft High Strength String


🪁【UNIQUE DESIGN】 We invite famous kite designers to design this delta rainbow, octopus, devilfish kite sets, using unique kite structure and line proportion, outline a unique kite appearance, make your kite stand out among adults and kids, aerodynamics was used to design this kite, making the kite easy to fly.🪁【KITE INFORMATION】 The sizes of delta, octopus and devilfish kite are: 81.8*42.5 inches, 157*28.7 inches, 59.05*95 inches. Big kites give you a better flying experience; weighing about 0.4 lbs, the kite takes off easily in low wind speeds, suitable for adults and kids; use high strength kite string to eliminate the concern of broken string.🪁【EASY ASSEMBLING】 Spread the kite out on the ground, connect the different flexible fiberglass rods, insert the two ends of the flexible fiberglass rods into the end of the kite, and tie the string. We come with an installation manual to help you assemble your kite and experience the fun of assembling it.🪁【WONDERFUL GIFT】 We put the kite in the 17.5*6*2 inch package, small and easy to carry, as an outdoor gift or beach gift ideas, to bring children happiness and flying experience, i believe that children will remember you deeply, because your gift gave him a special experience.🪁【KITE MASTER】 Crogift is a professional manufacturer of kites with many advanced kite design concepts. Our brand tenet is to let dreams fly. Over the years, we have designed many styles of kites, which are loved by people all over the world, and we are very grateful for your recognition. From the look of the kite to the application of aerodynamics, we strive to perfect every detail of the kite, just to return your recognition



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