CJCXYJCY Key Lock Box, For families, Hotels, Offices, Realtor Key Lock Box Safe Lock Box 10-Digit Push Button Combination Safe Vault - Portable Outdoor Storage Key - Door Handle or Fence Mount.


Solid construction,works well,and feels more secure having a sturdy place to store a backup key..Let you customize your own access code, store keys securely inside with up to 10,000 possible combinations, so your key can still stay secure.This product is made of zinc alloy material, it is durable and stable, Also safer..The Key Safe Lock Box hangs easily on any doorknob, fence, railing, and more--no tools needed. Simply open the lock box, release the shackle and hang..This key safe box is ideal for emergency entry for seniors, families, friends, realtors, home healthcare access, vacation homes, construction, trades, and storing spare keys etc.



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