Canopy Point Coffee Dark Roast | 5lb Bulk Medium Ground Coffee for Pour Over, Coffee Pot, Siphon, Chemex, Refillable K-Cup | Arabica specialty small batch roasted to order with strong chocolate notes & aroma | Non-Toxic Air Roasted French Roast (Medium Grind, 5lbs)


FOR SPECIALTY COFFEE DRINKERS - Quality is paramount when selecting source farms for our 100% arabica coffee. This coffee is grown in Siguatepeque, Honduras at an altitude of 4,500 feet and has a target cupping score of 86. Varietals include Catuai, Bourbon, and Catimor. The coffee is naturally washed and sun dried..FRESH DARK ROAST WITH EXCEPTIONAL FLAVOR - This dark roast is rich and smooth with a medium body, and boasts notes of dark chocolate, brown spice, and orange blossom. Our dark roast has naturally low acidity due to the beans we source and our air roasting process, which reduces bitter and burnt flavors..OUTSTANDING WITH MANY BREWING METHODS - Our dark roast is extremely versatile and tastes wonderful with any brewing method! When finely ground it makes an exceptional espresso and when coarsely ground it makes a bold cold brew that will refresh and satisfy your taste buds with its low acidity and smooth finish. This roast can also truly stand out when brewed with a french press, moka pot, aero press or pour over..SUPERIOR ROASTING- All Canopy Point Coffee is air roasted (also called fluidized bed roasting) in small batches. Our roasters use hot air to gently agitate the coffee beans and bring them to the precise degree of roast. Since they use electricity as a heat source, the roasted coffee flavors are not affected by the burnt and over-roasted flavors that are associated with traditional gas-fired roasters. This allows the subtle, sweet flavors of the coffees to naturally shine through..FRESHLY GROUND OR WHOLE BEAN - Recognizing that not everyone has access to a grinder at home, we provide the option of freshly ground coffee. Once coffee is ground, it begins to lose its flavors and aromas upon exposure to air. So, we grind fresh coffee beans directly into the bag and seal it immediately to maximize aroma and flavor retention.



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