110V 350W Adjustable Speed Bench Grinder Polishing Machine For DIY Woodworking Jade Jewelry Dental Bench Lathe Machine With Metal Flexible Shaft Handle, For Engraving, Grinding and Drilling


1.Mini mini bench polisher. Power 350W, adjustable speed, maximum 10000RPM.2.The jewelry buffer is made of cast iron base with low vibration. The polishing machine has four rubber feet, which are used for fixing the polishing lathe. It is easy to use and can be easily installed on any workbench. It can also be fixed on the desktop with screws.3.Ideal for jewelry tools, jewelry equipment ,jewelry machine ,polishing machine,polishing motor ,polishing equipment ,buffing motor ,buffing machine ,abrasive equipment and so on.4.The machine is versatile and powerful. It can be used for cutting, polishing, drilling and carving of stones, jewelry, watches, jade, wood, glass, etc. Household DIY to meet various needs.5.Clamping range of flexible shaft handle: 0.4-6.5mm, which can be used for drilling and carving, grinding wheel grinding head, grinding brush and woodworking cutting. Multiple uses. Meet various uses.



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