Landline Phone Large Button Phone with Display for Hands-Free. The Volume of The Handle can be Adjusted in Three Levels. The Volume-up Design is Groups Such as The Elderly with Hearing impairments


【adjustable volume designs】: the volume of the incoming call ring can be adjusted by two levels, the hands-free volume can be adjusted by sliding, and the volume of the handle earpiece can be adjusted by three levels (large, medium and small). A variety of adjustable volume designs will bring you the most comfortable experience. Adjust it to a comfortable volume material you like and say goodbye to the trouble of too low or too high volume.【Flash off function】 :(applicable to SPC exchange) when dialing a phone and encountering a busy tone or busy line, press the "flash" key once, and the phone will automatically take up the line once. Pressing this key is the same as pressing the fork spring switch of the phone once..【10 groups of double key dialing】: storage of double key dialing numbers Enter the number under pre dialing, and then long press the "Memo" key for 3 seconds. At this time, the screen displays: save -, the cursor "-" flashes, and the prompt is displayed The number 0~9 can be input, and it will automatically return to the standby state after 6 seconds, indicating that the storage is successful; Use of double key speed dial When hanging up or off hook, briefly press the MEM key, and the screen will display: load -, and the cursor "-" will also flash. Directly enter the numbers 0~9 Put forward the required number and automatically pick up the number after extraction;.【Fully enhanced design】: the button is increased, the volume is increased, the material is enhanced, the screen and hands-free function are added, and every penny of the cost is invested in the product to produce a high-quality telephone, especially the enhanced volume is very suitable for the hearing impaired and the elderly with poor hearing.【AFTERSALES SERVICE】: We provide you with excellent service and ensure that our products go through strict quality control procedures, but if there is a situation that makes you dissatisfied please contact our team we are happy to provide you with the option of exchange or refund



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