GForce Swing Trainer 7 Iron NXT-GEN, Used by Rory McIlroy, Named Golf Digest Editor’s Choice “Best Swing Trainer 2023” Super Flexible Shaft, Tempo, Rhythm, Transition, Timing + USGA Legal (Right)


NEW IMPROVED, Now USGA Legal & Standard Weight Version ✔️ 1.07 lbs / 487g Just Like Your Regular 7 Iron, so transition from swing trainer to regular club is seamless. Competitors are twice the weight & can cause TIMING issues. Don't settle for anything heavier than a GFORCE. The GFORCE Super Flexible Shaft Trains The Correct Loading & Unloading of the shaft Improving TIMING, Swing Path & Delivery Position For More Ball Control.IMPROVES TRANSITION & TIMING ✔️ Flexible shaft develops a smoother transition which prevents casting and over the top swings. Amateur golfers load the shaft too much in transition with the GForce Swing Trainer compared to professional golfers. Try feeling like you are keeping the shaft firm in transition as this will indicate improved sequencing..IMPROVES SEQUENCING ✔️ Sequencing means getting everything in the right order on the down swing transferring energy from the body into the club head. Most amateur golfers swing to hard from the top of the swing in transition releasing the club to early. Good players unwind from the ground up LEGS, HIPS, TORSO, ARMS & CLUB HEAD! Amateurs do it the opposite way around..DEVELOPS RHYTHM & TEMPO ✔️ The flexible shaft makes you more aware of the weight of the club head helping to develop a pendulum swing. As the body rotates out of the way on the back swing the arms swing back and the same on the follow through. This creates a pendulum swinging motion which improves rhythm & tempo. A feeling of awkwardness and loss of balance would tell you if it is wrong. Try swinging continually for 20 swings without loosing balance..ELIMINATES SLICES ✔️ The No.1 fault in golf caused by over the top out to in swing path. Over the top swings are caused by poor transition & sequencing.TRUSTED ON PGA & LPGA TOUR SINCE 2016 ✔️ Rory McIlroy, Danny Willett, Tommy Fleetwood, Minjee Lee, Hannah Green, Pete Cowen and 1000's of amateurs have benefited from using GForce Swing Trainers for more productive practice sessions.



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