Buffalo Technology Surveillance Video Manager Data Services License
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Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager for TeraStation provides advanced forensics-based video lifecycle management that helps you manage and protect your video assets. • Long-term retention • Scalable to meet complex demands • Embedded management system • Simultaneous live viewing and recording • Automatically migrate and replicate video assets • Video file indexing • Supports any RTSP IP camera TeraStation models that support Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager - TeraStation 3000 • TS3400D • TS3400R TeraStation 5000 • TS5200D • TS5400D • TS5400R • TS5600D • TS5800D TeraStation 7000 • TS-2RZS • TS-2RZH Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager for TeraStation provides embedded advanced forensics-based video lifecycle management that helps you manage and protect your video assets with ease. Support for any RTSP IP-based video surveillance camera allows users to directly capture, manage and store camera feeds, enabling playback of live and stored video. Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager has been uniquely designed to manage stored video assets as well as direct video feeds from RTSP enabled IP-cameras and efficiently and effectively manages the continually growing pool of video surveillance files that organizations have to manage. It efficiently manages video asset storage by enabling users to easily create and configure automated, video lifecycle management policies to capture data and, when applicable, move eligible surveillance data to secondary storage while maintaining its full resolution. Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager is unrivaled in its ability to search and retrieve, play back, edit and export stored video data. • Promotes cost-effective expansion in storage capacity • Support for up to 5 cameras for each TeraStation 3000 unit, 10 cameras for each TeraStation 5000 unit and 50 for each TeraStation 7000 unit • Easy integration with Milestone and OnSSI systems • Provides fully managed multi-tiered storage for complete video lifecycle management and long-term retention • Unlimited live video matrix capability (16 channels at a time) • Allows for 30 FPS recording • Widespread support and compatibility with any RTSP-enabled IP-camera • Can create low-resolution companion files for fast search and playback, while retaining high resolution originals • Enables utilization of megapixel/HD cameras • Supports powerful and intuitive search/playback/clip/export functionality • Enables end users to quickly and easily find specific "events of interest" • Unlimited scalable centralized storage and management (Data Services) • Indexing enables easy end user playback through vast amounts of video assets • Enables offline media to be fully searchable and viewable • Supports extremely scalable storage solutions • Finds and selects video scenes with the built-in Video Viewer • Rewind, play and fast forward with adjustable viewing speeds • Creates "start" and "stop" points in video source to create segment "clips" for export • Exports marked segments with complete Chain-of-Custody • Camera and storage pools IP Video Surveillance Solution The Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager provides advanced video surveillance data management, including live video capture and comprehensive video lifecycle management. The Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager delivers a professional grade video management system (VMS) as it provides fast and easy search and playback of indexed video files through multi-tiered storage. Network Video Recorder The Buffalo TeraStation operates as a video surveillance network video recorder (NVR) when used with the Surveillance Video Manager. This surveillance video solution creates an ideal platform for adding megapixel/HD network IP video cameras and creating a powerful video surveillance solution. It also allows for effortless integration with multiple RTSP-enabled IP network cameras delivering a wide range of video quality and resolutions. Comprehensive Management Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager offers a compelling solution to video surveillance asset management (vSAM) and extensive video lifecycle management capabilities. It expands the use of TeraStation into a video surveillance solution delivering exemplary monitoring and video recording with fast, easy video playback - regardless of when the video was recorded or where it is stored - from multiple IP-cameras through its multi-tiered storage structure. Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager Data Services runs automated jobs in the Information Repository using Data Service Policies. Through creating a Data Service Policy, the Data Services performs duties such as migrating, duplicating and purging data between Vaults and the overall management of data, video and support file movement to other Vaults on the network. With the Data Services license (OP-LP-CAMDS), these innovations are scalable and offer exceptional archiving and long-term retention capabilities, promoting significant cost savings as multiple TeraStation NAS units can be added seamlessly to its infrastructure. Buffalo Surveillance Video Manager provides centralized management and control over all video files as systems grow. The solution manages vast amounts of video surveillance footage for search and retrieval.



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