6KG(13lbs) Gas Metal Melting Furnace Propane Forge Casting Tool Gold Foundry Refine


【UNIQUE TO THE WHOLE NETWORKLSMIITTH】Adjustable High Pressure Propane Regulator 0--30 psi , 5 ft long (150cm). The end connects a standard size USA propane . Fit with American gas tank; Single gas burner is made of stainless steel,each burner is around 100,000 BTU Unlike other burners, LSMIITTH uses a replaceable bell burner head, because it is connected by threads, You can easily replace accessories yourself..【Durable AND EFFICIENT INSULATION Materials】Furnace body is made of stainless steel( 1mm thick) ,Outside Dimensions :10" diameter x 12"Height (25cm x 30cm) ; Inner Dimensions: 8" diameter x 7.6"Height (20cm x 19cm);Furnace body is fully lined with 1 inch of ceramic fiber insulation and lid is fully lined with 2 inch of ceramic fiber insulation. Furnace floor lined with 3 inch of ceramic insulation and firebrick ..【READY TO GO MELTING KIT】Propane melting furnace can be heated up to 1300 °C / 2372 °F and can melt metals with a melting point below 1300 ° C in 8-20 Minutes such as gold, sterling silver, pure copper, and aluminum. LSMIITTH-F1 comes with 6KG LARGE crucible that could contain 7KG silver,6KG copper,1.8KG aluminum. Plus a 113ML Graphite Ingot Mold for you to start melting right away! You only need a propane gas bottle/tank . Attention: It can not melt steel, iron..【Turn TRASH into treasure】Foundry Metalwork is surprisingly easy and affordable, and well with LSMIITTH full line of furnaces and smelting products, you can easily make turn scarp metal into something fancy artwork, like ingots, special parts and and 3D casting ornaments. METAL MELTING MADE EASY!.【After-sale service】LSMIITTH provide one year warranty after sales and lifetime technical support.