The FryOilSaver Co, Chlorine Test Strips for Restaurants and Food Service, Precision Chlorine Test Paper, 1 x Vial of 100 Chlorine Sanitizer Test Strips, 0-200 ppm, Bleach Test Strips, FMP 142-1362.


FAST formula, get instant results. Use with Chlorine Sanitizers! An Economical Way to Meet Health Department requirement for Restaurants & Bars, these are the best chlorine strips for food service.150 EASY TO USE pre cut strips made of paper in a user friendly reusable vial, preventing you from having to touch any chemicals for tests, preventing you from getting stained fingers, and the vial preserves them and prevents them from being damaged.BETTER THAN ROLLS - Pre cut strips remove the risk of dropping your paper in the sink when tearing the paper (unlike rolls).Contains Instructions & Matching Color Chart for 0 - 200 parts per million with 200 parts per million being the concentration specified for sanitizing.These are NOT for pool OR tap water tests. They ARE designed specifically for restaurants testing their chlorine sanitizers in 3 part sinks. It will NOT work for testing anything that uses Quaternary Ammonia as the active ingredient. For this you will need to use QUAT test strips, FMP 142-1363



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