PEGATEC-SKILFUL Cut Off Wheels 50 Packs, 4 1/2 inch Ultra Thin Cutting Wheels Anti-Vibration Angle Grinder Cutting Discs for Metal and Stainless Steel Cutting (50)


Sharp & Easy Cutting---Efficient fast cutting and grinding seems extremely important for workers to strive for the eftlclency, but comtortable handling feel brings cutting pleasant sensation to users.SKILFUL-a superiof product which is easy to use but hard to discard.Grinding Wheels of 1mm thickness are able to quickly cut a varlety of materlal and minimize friction and increase sharpness..Durable with Long Life---Products developedonly suitable for one material are defective, workers will not only cut one workpiece. Our disc can cut different workpiece, such as Steel and Stainless Steel parts including rebar, steel pipe, structural & galvanized steel, sheet metal, structural tubing, black steel,but keep a good performance. There is no need to replace the disc, which will save a lot of time..Perfect Finished Workpiece---The existence of rough edges on the workpiece caused by unsmooth product cutting will lead to a second polishing, and the rough edges are also prone to cutting hands. Skilful cutting wheels bring a different experience, precise cutting makes the cutting surface smoother without thermal burns..Security Guarantee for Users---The risks of workers during cutting are ever-changing,so fiberglass quality are very important to keep workers' safe when they use inextremes circumstance.In order to ensure that the metal cutting discs will not break in a high-risk environment, we use BASF's adhesive (resin) and double-layer glass fiber mesh to make it perfectly integrated, improve the toughness of the product, and avoid the risk of breaking even when subjected to lateral force..Fits Any Angle Grinder---Stainless steel cutting discs total in 50 PCS which maximum speed of cutting can be as high as 13300rpm.Compatible with 4 1/2 inch anger grinder with 7/8-inch arbor, electric cut off tools,accessories for DEWALT,Makita ,Bosch,Ryobi and so on.



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