Pikasola Wind Turbine Charge Controller Mini Wind Turbine Generator Controller IP67 Waterproof 12V/24V Automatic Controller Suitable for 400Watt 500Watt 600Watt Wind Turbine System


1.(-Wind Turbine controller-): Wind charge controller can be used for 0-600w wind turbine. It helps to control wind generator charge battery automatically. When the battery is fully charged, brake can be taken effect automatically by the interior circuit. When the battery voltage drops to restore voltage level, wind turbine can recover to charge battery automatically. So wind controller to protect the wind turbine and the battery..2.(-Automaticity-): This wind turbine controller can auto match 12/24 system. Voltage and current limiting are be controlled during recharging to ensure the best charging effect. Meanwhile, it provides the maximum protection to the wind turbine and battery..3.(-Connection-): Unique reverse connect protection circuit. For improper operation of positive and negative electrode, user don't need to replace the fuse, only to reset the positive and negative in correct point. Make the whole system will be more reliable..4.(- Good heat dissipation-): Wind generator charge controller use Aluminum alloy shell and Therming Dissipine Structure with good Heat Dissipation. The rectification and brake circuit part has adopted integrated module design, whatever heat dissipation or reliability, all further advanced than the traditional design..5. (-Protection-) The fully waterproof protection which grade reach into IP67 above. Charge controller can work steadily even in very humid environment. Also including Lightning protection, automatic over-voltage braking, battery reverse connection and open protection.



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