BASSDASH Astro Heavy-Duty Sure Grip Fishing Gloves Men’s Women’s Fingerless Gloves for Game Fishing Kayaking Paddling Sailing MTB


The microfiber leather or called imitation suede palm offers an extra good grip, especially in wet conditions.The heavy-duty construction and the double-layered microfiber leather palm and fingers allow to securely hold on to gear or slippery fish as well as protect wet hands from sharp gill rakers and fin spikes.Stretch type fabric and hook-and-loop constriction help ensure a snug fit.User-friendly finger length design - 1/2 thumb/ring/little finger length & 3/4 forefinger/middle finger length - provides protection for your hands and fingers while with all the dexterity you require for handling fish and equipment.Extremely lightweight with a hugging fit, ensuring you are always comfortable wearing the gloves for extended periods; Ideal for all outdoor and sporting activities like kayaking, fishing, jigging, golf, etc.



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